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The only down side to enjoying this classic favourite is you can't blow any bubbles! Great flavo..
Try this delightful, sweet flavour liquid which is somewhat addictive. ..
Caramel Mocha
A surprising favourite amongst both the lady & gent vapers alike. A slightly sweeter taste with ..
Great tasting flavour liquid and good to mix with others ..
Cotton Candy
Based on a fairground treat, this candy floss flavour liquid is a popular choice at the moment (trip..
Pepper Cola
What's the worst that can happen?!As the advert says for this popular drink, you might even find..
Fruit Punch
A fruit classic that as it says in the title, packs a "fruity punch". ..
A flavour to take you back to your childhood but don't just take our word for it, try it and see..
A great tasting liquid for those who enjoy liquorice rolled tobacco or liquorice from the sweet shop..
This liquid has a great flavour with a kind of cooling yet intense taste. Try it and see. ..
Mint Chocolate
Wow what a combination! If it's good enough to be named as an ice cream flavour, then we are sue..
Energy Drink
Whilst we can't guarantee this flavour liquid will give you wings, the taste will certainly give..
Strawberry Cheesecake
A classic dessert brought to you in a flavour liquid, consisting of a sweet and fruity flavour just ..
Tutti Fruity
A kaleidoscope of fruity flavours all rolled into one . ..
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